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Meet The Team

Our Mission

The 4 Origins Brewing Company's mission is to commemorate Montreal's brewing heritage as this great city continues to thrive. Our brewery was founded to pay tribute to the local community, to innovate and collaborate with other local businesses, to help educate patrons on the brewing process, and above all else, to brew quality, independent beer that Montrealers can be proud of!

Discover who we are:



In 2011 my best friend dragged me to Cachette du Bootlegger, a homebrew shop in the West Island of Montreal. We challenged each other to a “who can brew the best beer?” competition and sampled our bottle conditioned brews amongst friends later that summer. That year I went backpacking in Thailand, where I had an epiphany: this is what I wanted to do. The hobby became an obsession. And finally, a career. My passion for the brewing industry is only matched by my love for business and in 2018 I was finally able to bring them both together. It is my personal mission to continue to change the world of beer for the better, brining quality products to Montreal and beyond.


My love affair with craft beer started when I picked up Charlie Papazians book: “the Complete Joy of Homebrewing”. I started continuously reading about the beautiful science behind the brewing process. The importance of mashing temperatures, water chemistry and chemical ratios was taking up so much space in my mind that I realized I needed to make this business my life. Not to mention that brewing is fun as hell.


For more than 10 years, the world of beer has opened to me. At first, it was while having a drink with friends. Then, while doing a tasting at a beer festival. And then, the idea of having a beer where it was made motived me to visit more and more breweries and taprooms. It is during the visits that my passion was confirmed. And, as chance would have it, I was involved in beer permit files as part of my work as a lawyer, this experience and my passion for beer and business made it so that I would associate myself with Keegan and Mike to start this great project which is 4 Origins Brewing Company. I hope that, as others have done for me, we will know how to feed your passion.
Head Brewer


The social interactions produced by food and drink have always intrigued me. From a young age I took great pleasure in preparing and serving meals and refreshments for my friends and family, especially the beer I made in my closet. This interest took me on a journey through a decade in professional kitchens, a degree in anthropology/sociology and finally towards the decision that what truly makes me happy is brewing craft beer. The ability to embody millennia of knowledge/traditions, a belief in using the highest quality ingredients and a embodying the ultimate social lubricant all in a frosty cold pint is what keeps me waking up every morning more excited to brew beer than ever.