My love affair with craft beer started when I picked up Charlie Papazians book: “the Complete Joy of Homebrewing”.

I started continuously reading about the beautiful science behind the brewing process. The importance of mashing temperatures, water chemistry and chemical ratios was taking up so much space in my mind that I realized I needed to make this business my life.

Not to mention that brewing is fun as hell.

Gateway Beer

Pompous Ass English Ale – Great Lakes Brewing
English style Brown Ale with American yeast and a decent amount of hops – New take on an old style. I love beers that don’t colour in the lines too much.

Favorite Beer Styles

English Brown Ale – Even though this style traditionally has fewer hops, I tend to prefer this style when done right (Fuller body and good malt presence).

Favorite Charity

Gladiator – For some reason, I always come back to this movie. It’s a great blend of the Count of Monte Christo – ish revenge plot, a small taste of history and the best damn script ever!

Favorite Movie

Pedal for Kids – my dad has been involved with them for a very long time. It’s a great charity for a great cause and we have lots of fun!! Look out for the Mighty Bike on Ste-Catherine this summer!




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