The social interactions produced by food and drink have always intrigued me.

From a young age I took great pleasure in preparing and serving meals and refreshments for my friends and family, especially the beer I made in my closet. This interest took me on a journey through a decade in professional kitchens, a degree in anthropology/sociology and finally towards the decision that what truly makes me happy is brewing craft beer.

The ability to embody millennia of knowledge/traditions, a belief in using the highest quality ingredients and a embodying the ultimate social lubricant all in a frosty cold pint is what keeps me waking up every morning more excited to brew beer than ever.

Gateway Beer

I used to stand outside the liquor store trying to get adults to boot for me. Unlike other kids my age who wanted the cheapest possible 40oz, I was the weirdo asking for beers the helpful adults in my small town had never heard of; mostly Innus Gunn, Leffe and fledgeling local breweries like village and wild rose brewing, etc.

Favorite Beer Styles

I am a seasonal drinker, the weather greatly dictates what I drink but my go to styles are Farmhouse, sessionable IPA’s and of course a crisp classic european lager (preferably a hoppy pilsner).

Favorite Charity

I have many I would love to support but if I were to choose one it would be share the warmth, an organization in Pointe Saint-Charles. They do many things in an effort to help those living in poverty and try and raise them out; food bank, thrift shop, youth programs, scholarships, etc.

Favorite Movie

Braveheart! My buddies and I watch this at least once a year with a bottle of scotch. We know all the lines and will try in our worst possible scottish accents to one up each other. Nothing beats Mel Gibson showing his arse.




Michael D’Ornellas

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Co-Founder, Vice-President of Operations

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Co-Founder and Corporate Secretary

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Head Brewer



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