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Beer Soap | 4 Origines X Savom | CAFFiEND & Patchouli

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4 Origines Microbrewery stout beer soap
with an addition of Café Florence, both are from Pointe-St-Charles, Montreal.
To offer to craft beer lovers and people looking for a moisturizing soap with a creamy and generous lather.

Creamy, soft, slightly exfoliating and very nourishing. The saponified sugar of beer gives it a creamy and charming foam.

Well, I assure you, this soap doesn't have the sparkling smell of beer and is not sticky at all. It smells of the good patchouli of the Peace & Love years!

About 120 g.

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Ingredients :

Organic oils (olive, coconut), CAFFiEND beer, lye soda, patchouli organic essential oil, organic coffee bean Florence (Montreal, PSC), organic activated carbon, yellow clay.